The Basics

I’m an Edmonton-based designer working in graphic design and digital marketing. Whether I’m diving into brand strategy, dreaming up graphics for a new campaign or working with a client to bring their vision to life, I love to solve problems and tell a story through design.

Earning a Bachelor of Design with a focus on the Social Sciences taught me the importance of human-centred solutions and the value of incorporating research, strategy, and empathy into my process. This way of thinking is central to my work in both graphic and industrial design. I’m excited to continue growing in this ever-evolving field.



Find Me

Pouring cappuccinos at Transcend Coffee,
Bowling with the low-rollers at Plaza,
Enjoying the river valley with my dog Lola,
Dreaming up interiors for houses I pass on the street.

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Designer & Art Director | DIG Marketing
Digital Marketing & Graphic Design |
DIG Marketing
Industrial Design Production Coordinator | University of Alberta Graduation Committee
VP Design | Network of Empowered Women
Internal Communications Support | Government of Alberta
Visual Communication Design Intern | Thinkfarm Berlin
Business Strategies Administrator | Government of Alberta
Marketing Intern | Dell China